About Us

Velure is a renowned women's nightwear brand that has taken the industry by storm. Formerly known as Velvet by Night, Velure has undergone a rebranding to focus on providing the best quality, luxury, and affordable nightwear to women of all ages. Our goal is to make Velure synonymous with women's nightwear and to improve each woman's personality by making her sweet to her friends, good to her well-wishers, and obedient to her elders.

We take pride in our innovative and trendsetting designs, which are language-based, theme-based, and rhythmic to help women develop good communication skills, improve the ambiance, and demonstrate the best transitions from the first day to the end of the week. Our collection focuses on elegancy, ecstasy, and stunning design forms to match women's inherent and unexpressive feelings to choose and wear according to festivals, seasons, celebrations, occasions, and other special days.

At Velure, we are committed to providing more than just nightwear. We strive to create a language, theme, and rhythm to provide numerous options with rich collections. Our fabric is comfortable to wear, allows for free and stretchable movements, and accommodates every color and design that a woman desires. We aim to make Velure a passion, fashion, vogue, style, need, culture, respect, premium, language, rhythm, theme, season, festival, reason, show up, ecstasy, elegance, bold, amazing, beauty, acceptance, relation, recall, friendly, peace, confidence, personality, good look, perfect, and pretty. Our ultimate goal is to make Velure a part of every woman's wardrobe.